BEERG: Brexit Progress Will Require Agreement on Process

July 07, 2017

With the gulf between what is possible and what is desired by the United Kingdom in Brexit negotiations widening, and with disparate ideas regarding desired outcomes gaining traction in the UK, BEERG offers a blueprint for moving forward in the latest Global Labor Newsletter.  The plan includes a three-year transition period, during which the UK would act as a member without legal standing as such, allowing for a graduated process as well as a window through which the UK could rejoin the EU.  BEERG states: "Such an approach allows all parties the time and space to manage Brexit in an orderly fashion.  What we are suggesting is a process that allows for the negotiation of a substantive deal, after March 2019.  We see no reason why such a process could not be agreed now.  Indeed, knowing such a process was in place could make the Article 50 negotiations on citizens' rights, the UK's continuing financial obligations and Irish issues all the easier.  It also leaves all options open to the UK, including a change of mind about leaving the EU."  Read the full BEERG Newsletter here.