BEERG Brexit Brief: Negotiations Endangered by UK Stance on Responsibility for Brexit Outcomes

October 20, 2017

BEERG's Tom Hayes discusses how perspectives in the UK about which side holds responsibility for outcomes generated by the UK's decision to leave the EU places the country in a position where it is unable to negotiate on vital points in the Brexit process.  He writes, "The UK alone took the decision to leave the EU.  It was not forced out.  It was not shown the door.  Consequences flow from that decision.  One, it has financial obligations arising from its membership that it needs to settle.  These obligations are freestanding and cannot be used as bargaining chips in negotiations on future relationships.  No 'double bubble,' says the EU.  If you don’t pay, the EU continues, then there can be no talks on future commercial relationships.  How can we negotiate with a party that won’t honor its existing obligations?"  Read the full Brexit Briefing blogRead the full BEERG Newsletter.