AHPI Study Confirms Large Employers Committed to Providing Health Benefits

June 03, 2016

The American Health Policy Institute released a new paper this week, "State of Employer-Sponsored Health Care, Part 1: Top Concerns of CHROs and Their Teams," which analyzes large employers' most pressing concerns regarding the employer-sponsored health care system.  For the new report, AHPI interviewed 25 Chief Human Resource Officers and senior benefit managers from companies including Marriott, Shell, International Paper, and Michelin to discover their thoughts on employer-sponsored health insurance (ESI).  The vast majority of these representatives indicate they are committed to maintaining ESI as an essential benefit for employees.  However, employers say they are worried about rising costs, lack of transparency in the health sector, and the potential threat of new regulations and fees, such as the Cadillac tax, should it ever go into effect.  The study demonstrates that critical changes are needed to ensure employees receive the best care and to protect them from spiraling price hikes.  The second installment of "State of Employer-Sponsored Health Care" will explore the steps employers are actively taking to address the problems defined in Part 1 and what the future holds for ESI.