AHPI President Tevi Troy Interviews Sen. Cassidy on His New Patient Freedom Act

May 29, 2015

American Health Policy Institute President Dr. Tevi Troy recently interviewed Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) at a Hudson Institute panel, zeroing in on his bill's transparency and patient control elements.  At the panel, Cassidy discussed the Patient Freedom Act, his proposal for a Republican response to the Supreme Court deciding for the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell.  A victory for the plaintiffs would end subsidies to an estimated five to eight million ACA recipients in 37 states.  The decision is expected in June.  Cassidy's proposal would effectively:

  • Repeal mandates now required under the ACA, including the individual and employer mandates, and the essential health benefits mandate;
  • Allocate funding directly to the patient in the form of per capita block grants to the states or federal tax credit funding; and
  • Require health care providers to publish cash prices for medical services so consumers can use their health savings accounts (HSAs).
"Under our plan, you have the power, not the government," said Sen. Cassidy.  Troy noted that HSAs, a key component of Cassidy's plan, would provide people with the means to control their own health care options.  He also praised a feature in the Cassidy bill that requires health care providers to make available their "cash prices" for medical procedures so people have the information necessary to shop based on price and quality.  Troy predicts that this type of patient empowerment would result in lower health care costs over the long term.  To view the video of the interview, visit the Hudson Institute homepage.