AHPI Holds Conference Call Examining "Tipping Points" of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

January 12, 2018

This week, the American Health Policy Institute held a conference call for Governors on the “tipping points” of employer-sponsored health insurance, featuring Dennis Delaney, CHRO of Ingram Industries Inc.  Mr. Delaney, along with AHPI staff, facilitated a discussion on specific challenges that may over the long-term push employers to discontinue providing benefits and how to prepare for that potential eventuality.  Issues discussed include year-over-year price increases, evolving plan design, lack of price transparency, mergers within the health system, and the “specialty drug” revolution.  In addition, regulatory and legislative challenges facing employers were examined, including the implementation of the Cadillac tax, the possibility of an elimination of the tax exclusion on health benefits, Democrats’ pursuit of a single-payer system, and the idea of raising the Medicare eligibility age.  AHPI will publish a white paper based on the presentation and the discussion that took place during the call.