2017 Outlook: The Trump Era Begins

January 06, 2017

Starting with the first steps on "repeal and replace" of the previous Administration's signature domestic policy accomplishment, the dramatic changes in Washington forged by the election are already underway, even before the January 20 inauguration.  Along with action on the Affordable Care Act, the next few months will be dominated by cabinet and key executive branch nominations, as well as reversals of policies that can be easily and quickly dealt with.  After that, President-elect Trump's more lasting impact will begin to take shape.  With regard to health care, the Affordable Care Act is squarely in the crosshairs to be repealed as soon as President-elect Trump takes office, though a replacement is probably several months or even years away and will dominate the Association's policy agenda for at least the next year and likely well beyond.  In other areas of concern, the real issue will be whether the changes in Washington will result in HR policies that are more relevant to the workplace of the future than those largely designed in the previous century.  These and other issues are under examination in this special 2017 Outlook edition of This Week in HR Policy, which seeks to provide a framework for understanding as we venture into year one of the Trump presidency.