New HR Policy Podcasts: Managing Employee Relations in Global and Millennial Times

June 05, 2020

The virtual version of our highly successful global training program is now just about complete online and in a series of short podcasts, with the latest additions to the series looking “forward to the future” of global employee relations. 

20 episodes are already uploaded, and the final six will come online this month.  The brain trust behind the podcasts is our global faculty of Alan Wild, Rick Warters, Tom Hayes and Auret van Heerden.  Both Tom and Rick feature in the later shows.  You can get the whole series—and the new episodes as they come out—here.

The latest additions to the series look forward to the future—and discuss the emerging relationship between employee relations and employee engagement, describing how to produce a global employee relations risk map for your company.

In response to many demands for scripts of the podcasts for use internally, we have reproduced edited versions of these two casts.  If you like them, we can produce the whole series as a series of articles that form course reading material. 

With all 26 available, we will turn our attention to running live open programs and are happy to talk to individual companies about how the podcasts can be turned into interactive team building and learning sessions in house.  As a reminder—they are yours to share amongst your team.