HR Policy Vice Chair David Rodriguez Named HR Executive of the Year

October 04, 2019

Marriott Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer David Rodriguez, who serves as a Vice Chair of the Association and Chair of our American Health Policy Institute, has been named 2019 HR Executive of the Year by HR Executive magazine.

Rodriguez, who has been involved in the Association since 2006, and is one of our longest-serving Directors, has made corporate culture and employee engagement a high priority within the company, noting: “Could you imagine somebody in the U.S. telling somebody in India or Japan, 'This is how you behave, this is your core value?'  Businesses do it all the time.  I think it should be the opposite.  You state, ‘Here’s what we stand for,’ and let employees express that in a way that’s culturally relevant to them.  That way, you’ll never have to worry about your culture going stale.”

HR Policy Association President Tim Bartl noted the important role Rodriguez has played in guiding the Association’s policy agenda:  “David has been heavily involved in our major initiatives over the years.  Today, it goes without saying that, for large companies, the health care policy landscape will pose significant challenges in the months and years ahead.  With the onset of the 2020 campaign, those issues are heating up, and the business community will need agile and creative leadership to ensure the viability of employment-based health care.  As AHPI Chair, David is continuing his long service to the Association in helping us navigate those turbulent waters.”

In the HR Executive article on the award, HR Policy CEO Emeritus Jeff McGuiness said:  “Don’t let people in your organization or consultants tell you that there’s only one certain course of action for a particular situation. … David looks at everything from a fresh angle and is always willing to step outside the lane to try and improve the HR profession.”