HR Policy India: June 2020 Newsletter Highlights India’s Cautious Move to Reopen

June 05, 2020

With COVID-19 case numbers continuing to jump, HR Policy in India (HRPI) Chief Advisor DP Singh provides valuable insight in HRPI's June 2020 newsletter as India’s government continues to take steps to curb the spread of the pandemic while also working to prudently return the country to a sense of normalcy.

India’s government announces “Stimulus Package 2.0” aimed at helping the poorest of the country’s population.  As Mr. Singh notes, the relief package is mostly in liquidity and guarantees.  This is distinct from the approach adopted by other world economies which have chosen to provide direct cash support.  Mr. Singh notes that while reforms are also present, the key question is how soon the country’s broken supply chains can be rebooted.  

India’s State Governments wrestle over labour laws:  Mr. Singh describes the actions of three states in approving an ordinance to suspend most labour laws for the next three years.  The move is opposed by the Union Labour and Employment Ministry and thus a battle over the approval is ongoing.  Mr. Singh notes the Central Government is looking to fast track changes to ensure uniform regulations across the country.  

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