HR Policy COVID-19 Resources

April 23, 2020

HR Policy Association has developed and compiled several helpful resources for its members on COVID-19. These include a members-only Return to the Workplace Resource Center, a broader, COVID-19 Resources page, which includes summaries of many of our member calls, and our online chat room, the Coronavirus Response Network, which allows members to leverage the power of the Association’s network. Below please find links and a description of each of the Association’s COVID-19 Resources.

Return to the Workplace Resources Page

As companies prepare for the phased approach to returning employees to their physical workplaces, HR Policy Association has developed a Return to the Workplace Resource Center for Association members, which includes member strategies and communications, expert resources, news articles and governmental standards focused on return to workplace issues.  The Resource Center is updated daily and builds on the Return to the Workplace Decision Guide that provides a framework and describes the key decisions employers must make in deciding to bring employees back to the workplace as the crisis lessens.

COVID-19 Resources Page

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, HR Policy Association has compiled resources from members as to how large companies are dealing with the crisis.  The COVID-19 Resources Page includes information provided by Association members, external experts, governmental agencies and other stakeholders regarding how to operate in this environment.  In addition, the page provides summaries of HR Policy Association calls and the slides used during those calls.  You will also find an invitation to join our members-only Coronavirus Response Network.

Coronavirus Response Network

The Coronavirus Response Network is a members-only online community within with members can post questions, answers and company documents that they are willing to share with other members, regarding how companies are dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.  Discussions on the network have ranged from leave and scheduling policies, to screening and testing protocols, return to workplace issues and employee outplacement and talent needed.  Members need to log into the HR Policy member only website to access the Network.  To access, please click here.  If you have further questions about the network, please contact Henry Eickelberg at