HR Policy Association Co-Hosts Symposium on Pay Equity

October 02, 2020

“The social justice movement, in combination with the upcoming election, have created a unique opportunity to change the landscape when it comes to pay equity and diversity and inclusion,” Ani Huang, HR Policy Senior Vice President, said in kicking off the 2020 Virtual Pay Equity Symposium.

The Institute for Workplace Equality and HR Policy hosted the forum with national experts and leaders discussing a range of pay equity topics and issues.  

The shifting view of pay equity:  Ms. Huang moderated the opening session with David S. Fortney, co-founder, Fortney & Scott, LLC, examining the impact of the social justice and Black Lives Matter movements on pay equity.  The pair also previewed how a Biden or Trump administration would affect pay equity efforts moving forward, noting that no matter which candidate wins, the government will be in the business of collecting pay data. 

Disclosure, metrics, and risk:  The Symposium also featured a walkthrough of the different types of pay equity disclosures and the best practices for public diversity disclosures.  The speakers noted companies believe disclosure is a key part of the solution to pay inequity, but are wary of legal and compliance risks.  The discussion also touched on the most effective metrics for measuring pay equity, and the need to create industry standards to create effective benchmarks.