HR Policy’s Evolving Workplace Initiative Launches Future of Work Library

June 18, 2021

Building on last week's inaugural webinar on “Launching a Flexible Model" (see comprehensive recap here), the launch of HR Policy Association's Evolving Workplace Initiative continues this week with the debut of the Evolving Workplace Library.  The Library will help HR professionals sort through the vast array of articles and resources dealing with the transformational changes accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially on how, when, and where work gets done.

HR Policy Association staff will select and organize the most relevant and timely resources on this broad topic and post them in the Library.  Each entry will be accompanied by a short description, allowing readers to quickly decide if the resource is of interest.

Resources are organized into one of four groups:

  • People and Culture – what is the impact of changes on people in how, when, and where work gets done?

  • HR Processes, Policies, and Compliance – how do these changes impact existing HR processes and policies?

  • Business Operations and Administration – how will the operations of the business be affected by these changes?

  • Technology – how is technology impacting and enabling these changes?

The staff will also curate materials submitted by our member companies—tools, templates, and case studies that provide real-world examples of how organizations are meeting the challenges they face.  Readers can submit materials they are willing to share directly from the Library page.

The Evolving Workplace Library is located in our private HR Policy Online Community, which you can find here.  Please let us know if there are any company materials you would be willing to share, and we can post them in the Library!