African Legal Network – A Legal Resource for Sub-Saharan Africa

March 18, 2021

Sub-Saharan Africa can be a challenging area of the world for multi-national employers due to a lack of infrastructure and volatility.  HR Policy Global is pleased to share a resource which may be helpful for companies in this area of the world – the African Legal Network. 

The African Legal Network (ALN) is an alliance of law firms in 15 key African jurisdictions.  Through their network of attorneys and law firms, the ALN can represent clients in every jurisdiction in the continent.   ALN can represent companies on the local, regional, and international levels with proven, known attorneys and law firms. 

One thing we hear from members is a general difficulty with working in some areas of Africa for a variety of reasons.  Many areas of the continent lack infrastructure, from both a physical but also a personnel sense that western companies may take for granted.

While less developed, Africa also presents a rich investment opportunity for companies.  The ALN can alleviate one a major concern by providing competent and vetted legal representation. 

If you’d like to be connected with someone in the ALN, please let HR Policy Global know and we are happy to help with an introduction to a known colleague.