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HR Policy Applauds Rule That Protects Employees from Surprise Medical Bills

Published on: October 8, 2021

Authors: Margaret Faso

Topics: Federal Health Care Reform, Transparency, Quality and Cost Containment, Wellness

HR Policy expressed support for the latest surprise billing rule, which lays out the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process employers and health care providers will be required to engage in if an initial payment amount is not agreed upon.

Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Association's American Health Policy Institute said, “The No Surprises Act is one of the strongest consumer protection laws Congress has enacted over the past ten years.  The interim final rule faithfully implements Congress’ intent to reduce unnecessary health care costs, encourage providers and payers to reach reimbursement agreements on their own, and protect employees from higher premium costs that might otherwise occur.  We look forward to working with the administration to finalize this rule and implement additional provisions.”

Cost reductions can be achieved.  HR Policy has advocated for the Biden administration to focus on two objectives when implementing the rule:

  • Minimize administrative costs associated with the IDR process, and
  • Reduce the cost of health care for employers, employees, and their dependents.

"As written by Congress, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the No Surprises Act would reduce health care costs," Wilson continued.  "The regulations should be drafted and finalized to achieve those cost reductions.  The administration should also maximize transparency regarding the publication of information relating to the IDR process so the public and policymakers can identify potential problems and determine if future changes to the regulations or statute are needed.”

Margaret Faso

Director of Health Care Research and Policy, American Health Policy Institute and HR Policy Association

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