HR Policy Association

Managing a Union Workforce

1-Day Course | Lecture with Interactive Exercises

While the objective is the same, there are distinct differences between managing employees in a union-free environment and a unionized workplace. When the interests of rank-and-file employees are represented by a third party, a number of sensitive political, practical, and legal issues often arise that must be dealt with appropriately in order to accomplish the company’s objectives.

The course reviews the characteristics of each of the key constituencies and covers their motivations and agendas. Both the legal and practical issues involved in the company’s dealing with rank-and-file employees and union leadership are detailed. Significant attention is given to the impact of the contract, past practices, and other potential restrictions on management’s rights.

HR Policy Association’s training courses are recognized by industry partners as qualified continuing education credits.  The training staff will work with participants to provide curricula description and attendance verification so that participants may obtain proper recognition for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits or other continuing education requirements in professional certification programs.

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