HR Policy Association

Administering the Contract

Grievance Handling and Arbitrating Workplace Disputes

1-Day Course | Lecture With Interactive Exercises

The success of a contract is measured not only by the results at the bargaining table, but also in its implementation and administration. This unique course not only discusses the mechanics of the grievance procedure, but also stresses the importance of managing the workforce over and above the scope of the collective bargaining agreement.

Instructors explain the typical “steps” in many contracts’ grievance provisions, and draw upon real world examples, participants experience and role playing exercises to illustrate the various ways grievance and arbitration processes are implemented.

When grievances are not resolved, arbitration can ensue, resulting in a protracted, expensive resolution. While the mechanics and management obligations for arbitrations are explored, the course focuses on the strategic resolution of grievances, the role of grievance filing by unions as a corporate campaign tactic, and the arbitration “go/ no-go” decision-making process.

HR Policy Association’s training courses are recognized by industry partners as qualified continuing education credits.  The training staff will work with participants to provide curricula description and attendance verification so  that participants may obtain proper recognition for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits or other continuing education requirements in professional certification programs.

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