HR Policy Association

Elements of Collective Bargaining

Tuesday, October 24 - Friday, October 27 at 7:00AM - 12:00PM

Elements of Collective Bargaining

Here are the basics: know the law, plan, strategize, prepare, and then negotiate. This series covers all the bases of collective bargaining set in a challenging environment in one high-intensity session.

We begin with an overview of the law of collective bargaining, alerting participants to potential legal snares and pitfalls that may entrap them during the course of negotiations. Then we outline all the steps necessary to prepare for bargaining, from developing a successful strategy and briefing senior management, to choosing the negotiating team and ensuring all resources are ready and available. Next, we instruct participants on the art of negotiations. Not only do they learn the protocols and conventions of collective bargaining, but also the subtleties of moving negotiations to a successful close.

Finally, there is a very realistic collective bargaining simulation based on a mythical case study involving contemporary issues, with all participants on management teams.

A unique aspect of this simulation is that the participants all serve on management teams, negotiating with the Association’s skilled, experienced “Union” negotiators to provide a realistic learning experience. Participants who have taken this course have described it as the HR Policy Association’s Boot Camp for Bargainers because of the degree to which it emulates actual bargaining conditions.

This 3.5-day course covers the essential elements of collective bargaining negotiations:

● Overview of the Law of Collective Bargaining

● Developing a Negotiating Strategy—Planning & Preparing for Collective Bargaining

● Collective Bargaining Negotiations—Techniques and Contract Costing

● A realistic collective bargaining simulation with all participants serving on management teams



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