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Negotiating with European Social Partners – An HR Policy Global European Training Program

Tuesday, June 20 - Wednesday, June 21 at 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Negotiating with European Social Partners 
An HR Policy Global European Training Program 

A new offering from HR Policy Global, the “Negotiating with European Social Partners” training program provides valuable insights and knowledge on dealing with works council and trade union representatives in negotiation situations – both at the local and European levels.  Strengthen your organization's labor negotiation strategies and build your personal negotiation skills with this essential training offering.   

The session, instructed by André Declerck, a well-known labor relations professional with over 25 years experience at multiple multi-national firms.   

The session takes place over two, three-hour sessions on June 20 and June 21 from 9AM ET / 1500 CET to 12PM ET / 1800 CET.  


Target Participants: 

- HR Leaders and Professionals who own negotiation strategy and execution 

- Negotiation teams at a site or country-level of  HR or Non-HR professionals who will implement the HR strategy 


Program Objectives: 

- Learn the various influencing factors for negotiation and social dialogue 

- Learn how to define the most appropriate strategy for negotiation with social partners  

- Learn how to prepare for negotiations with social partners 


Topics: Employment Law, The UK and European Union