HR Policy Association

Artificial Intelligence: Benefits, Risks, and HR Implications

Monday, June 26 at 12:00PM

Artificial Intelligence: Benefits, Risks, and HR Implications

The rapid development and use of generative artificial intelligence as demonstrated through ChatGPT-4, the incorporation into Microsoft’s Bing search engine CoPilot products, the unveiling of Google Bard, and other developments has raised a host of questions for employers and CHROs. How will AI impact how people work? How quickly will it impact occupations and the need for reskilling and redeployment? What are the unknown risks of the AI "black boxes?" 

Before we can answer these questions, it is imperative that CHROs and their teams understand what this technology is, what it can do, and its initial considerations for HR and company strategy. 

On June 26 from 12:00 – 1:15 p.m., HR Policy will host a webinar designed to begin the education process and identification of key questions. The session will feature Dr. Travis Hall, Acting Deputy Associate Administrator for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Office of Policy and Development; Christina Montgomery, Vice President and Chief Privacy & Trust Officer, IBM; and Dave Sohigian, Global CTO, Workday. It will also include experts from key companies and CHROs. We encourage you to join the webinar and the conversation!

Topics: Jobs, Skills and Training, Technology