HR Policy Global

AI, HR Management, and Employee Information and Consultation in the EU

Tuesday, February 14 - Thursday, February 16 at 8:00PM - 7:30PM

Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources Management, and Employee Information and Consultation in the EU

The European Union has a number of pieces of legislation in the pipeline that will require employers to inform and consult with employees’ representatives on the use of AI in human resources management decisions. But even without new legislation, the use of AI is caught by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so the new legislation will add complexity to what is already complicated.

Upcoming legislation involving employee information and consultation around AI include:

  • AI Governance Regulation
  • AI Liability Directive
  • Gender Pay Transparency
  • The Status of Platform Workers

The new program from BEERG/HR Policy Global will deep dive into:

  • What is AI and how is it used in HR management decision making?
  • How will AI interact with the GDPR?
  • What will EU law require regarding information and consultation?
  • How can management ensure that AI use is ethically acceptable?
  • What happens if you get it wrong? What are the costs of failure?

The program will run from 13:00 on Tuesday, February 14, to 12:30 on Thursday, February 16 in the Hotel Estela, Sitges, Barcelona. A detailed program will be available here shortly. Check back soon!