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Thank you for your participation in our 2022 Washington Policy Conference! On this page you'll find important meeting info and materials. Access presentations, pre-reads, speaker bios, additional resources, and other conference tools.

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Introduction Video: Mike Madrid and Chuck Rocha of “The Latino Vote” Podcast

"While Democrats Debate 'Latinx,' Latinos Head to the G.O.P.," Mike Madrid, The New York Times

"Mike Pompeo Ponders Entering the Presidential Marathon," The Washington Post

2022 Public Policy Outlook Timeline Infographic 

2022 HR Public Policy Update (Comprehensive slide briefing on all HR Policy issues)

Infographic: More Employers to Offer Travel Benefits for Abortion Services Post Dobbs, Willis Towers Watson

"How BlackRock Made ESG the Hottest Ticket on Wall Street," Bloomberg

"Texas AG Joins GOP Peers Slamming Larry Fink on ESG Policy," Bloomberg Law

Marriott International: Core Values and Heritage

Marriott International: Executive Chairman & Chairman of the Board – Advice to Hospitality Workers (video)

Mondelez International: Purpose and Values

Mondelez International: Promise to Progress (video)

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Conference Attendee Roster

Conference Agenda

Conference Mini-Guide

Speaker Bios

2022 Mid-Year CHRO Survey Results (members only link)

Upcoming Events

Fireside Chat: Mike Madrid and Chuck Rocha on the Importance of Latino Voters in the 2022 Midterm Elections

Fireside Chat Dinner Program

PRESENTATION: 2022 Midterms and the Latino Vote

A New Era of Labor Relations: Employer Responses to the Rise of Employee Voice 

"Not What They Bargained For: A Survey of American Workers," American Compass Better Bargain Survey

"The Labor Movement Is 'Woking' Itself to Death," Wells King, Newsweek

"Woke Capitalism is a Smokescreen," Wells King, Dallas Morning News

2022 HR Policy Outlook 

PRESENTATION: 2022 HR Policy Outlook (as presented at the Washington Policy Conference)

2022 Public Policy Outlook Timeline Infographic 

2022 HR Public Policy Update (Comprehensive slide briefing on all HR Policy issues)

The Future of Health Equity, Wellbeing, and DE&I

PRESENTATION: Deloitte Health Equity Institute

Comments to GOP Health Care Task Force on Affordability

Comments on Affordability of Employer Coverage for Family Members of Employees

Behavioral Health Care, Parity and Care Integration – Statement for U.S. Senate Finance Committee

Health Disparities in Employer-Sponsored Insurance – Morgan Health, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Advancing Health Equity eBook – UnitedHealthcare

Collection of Race and Ethnicity Data for Use by Health Plans to Advance Health Equity – Research Report, Health Policy Center

The Role of the Corporation in Society: The Pushback Against ESG 

"Shedding Light on the Influence of Shareholder Proposals on Corporations," Proxy Monitor, Manhattan Institute

Disney and Starbucks: Lessons Learned About Employer Responses to Employee Voice

PRESENTATION: Disney and Starbucks

"What Happened to Starbucks? How a Progressive Company Lost its Way," Fast Company

"Disney Employees Walk Out, as ESPN and Disney+ Back LGBTQ+ Rights,"

"DeSantis vs. Disney Showdown Bolsters Florida Governor's Standing in GOP,"

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Spencer Stuart

Aetna, Inc.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

EHE Health

IRI Consultants

Oracle Corporation



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