HR Policy Association

​Board of Directors Criteria

​Board of Directors Criteria

HR Policy Association Criteria for Selecting Association Directors
According to the Bylaws of HR Policy Association, HR Policy Association shall have a Board of Directors composed of not more than 40 Directors.

Directors are selected by the Association's Executive Committee, after consultation with the Board Member Selection Committee, and recommended to the Board of Directors, which then recommends a slate of Directors each year at the Association's annual meeting.

The following criteria are used by the Executive Committee in selecting individuals for recommendation. The person being considered must be:

1. Either the —
  • Most senior HR executive of the member company; or
  • Senior executive in the company to whom the most senior HR executive reports.
2. Employed by a company which is a member of HR Policy Association and a regular participant in Association activities.

3. Knowledgeable about and exhibit a strong interest in human resource policy issues, while also having demonstrated expertise and involvement in emerging human resource issues and practices.

4. Fully committed to the goals, objectives and agenda of HR Policy Association, including providing financial support for special Association activities and programs such as the Center on Executive Compensation.

5. A demonstrated leader in Association activities and programs, and willing to accept additional roles in advancing the Association's agenda.

6. Connecting members of his/her HR organization with the appropriate Association committees and task forces, and supporting their active involvement.

7. Actively engaged in the Association’s recruitment and retention of members, including participation in such activities as hosting a CHRO dinner program, regularly recruiting new member companies.

The following additional factors shall be taken into account:
  • Fostering diversity – both in terms of the person as well as the industry sector the person’s company is in (the Association seeks to have a Board comprised of diverse leaders from as many industry sectors as possible);
  • The position the person’s company occupies in its industry, as well as its reputation as an employer and its employment practices; and
  • The geographic location of the company's headquarters and the person’s work location (the Association seeks to have at least one Director from every major metropolitan area).