With Large Employers Setting New Health Care Strategies Following Enactment of the ACA, Association Issues Comprehensive Health Care Decision Framework for Chief Human Resource Officers

June 28, 2013

This week, HR Policy Association released its five-volume set, Setting Large Employer Health Care Strategies Following Enactment of the Affordable Care Act:  A Chief Human Resource Officer Decision Framework, to assist members with assessing their companies' current health care strategies and formulating new ones in response to the restructuring of the American health care system that has been triggered by the Affordable Care Act.  The Decision Framework was created under the direction of the Association's Health Care Policy Steering Committee, chaired by Marc C. Reed, Chief Administrative Officer, Verizon Communications Inc.  Its purpose is to serve as a tool that CHROs and other senior corporate executives can use to:

  • Understand the current trends in American health care impacting large employers;
  • Determine long-term objectives regarding health care for employees, dependents, and retirees;
  • Identify various options available and potential changes to company health care strategies; and
  • Support formulation of the company’s long-term health care strategy by its senior management and board of directors.
The Framework was developed for the Association's CHRO Summit in March 2013, which brought together the CHROs from more than 200 large corporations who spent a considerable portion of the Summit discussing it and providing input.  It consists of the following:
Volume 1 – Formulating a Company's Future Long-Term Health Benefits Strategy: Considerations, Options and Decision Points
Volume 2 – The Current State of Employer-Provided Health Care in America
Volume 3 – Public and Private Sector Attempts to Reform Health Care
Volume 4 – The Affordable Care Act and Large Employers
Volume 5 – Emerging Forms of Health Care Delivery Following Enactment of the ACA