Volkswagen Opposes UAW's Micro-Unit Petition

November 06, 2015

In the latest twist in the United Autoworkers' efforts to organize Volkswagen Group of America Inc., the company is opposing the union's petition before the National Labor Relations Board in which it is seeking a vote among a subgroup of 10 percent of the company's Chattanooga hourly workforce.  Until now, the company has avoided resisting the union's organizing efforts, remaining neutral leading up to the union's 2014 election loss.  The company says it will remain neutral as long as the union seeks to organize the entire hourly workforce, but it contends that the union's latest attempt "is not consistent with our One Team approach at Volkswagen Chattanooga, our production system and organization design, nor long-established NLRB law."  The company is arguing that the NLRB's Specialty Healthcare case enabling small units was wrongly decided but, even under its terms, the petition should be rejected.  The company's neutral stance thus far over unionization will be tested if the NLRB regional office accepts the smaller unit and allows an expedited election under the Board's new rules.