The Yager Report: The Senate Filibuster Rule Should Be Preserved But Shouldn't Be the End of the Story

June 02, 2017

From the desk of HR Policy CEO Dan Yager: Given the high level of public frustration over Washington gridlock, it was just a matter of time before calls for elimination of the Senate filibuster rule would intensify.  These gained more prominence this week when President Trump himself said it would help his agenda to pass "fast and easy," even though his top priorities of ACA "repeal and replace" and tax reform could be passed by a simple majority in the Senate.  Fortunately, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) provided immediate reassurances that there is no interest in changing this well-established rule designed to protect the rights of the minority.  Make no mistake about it, this would be disastrous for business generally, and employers and their employees in particular.  Among other examples, in the absence of a filibuster rule, unions would be established in workplaces today through the card check process.  To read further, click here.