NLRB Continues to Target Employee Use of Social Networking; HR Policy Association to Hold Social Media Roundtable

May 20, 2011

The increased use of social networking technologies by employees in the workplace is attracting scrutiny from the federal agencies responsible for enforcing labor and employment laws.  This week, the National Labor Relations Board Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon issued a complaint against a company for allegedly terminating several employees after they used Facebook to criticize working conditions.  The company, however, maintains that it fired the employees for posting harassing remarks about a co-worker.  Solomon issued a similar complaint last fall based on an employee's Facebook posting, but the early settlement of the case left the law unsettled.  This case is scheduled to go before an NLRB administrative law judge on June 22.  HR Policy Association will be holding a Social Media Roundtable on July 27 to provide a forum for member companies to consider the current and future use of social media in the workplace including potential benefits and pitfalls.  Click here to register for the meeting.