Jeff McGuiness: Yes, Employers Need to Begin Discussing the Impact of America's Opioid Crisis on Employees and the Workplace

June 09, 2017

A few weeks ago, we asked whether the Association should include the nation's opioid crisis in its program of work.  In addition to members discussing with us its impact on their personal lives, we were reading a stream of troubling stories.  One in the Washington Post described the residents of a halfway house finding two people in the building dead from drug overdoses.  Both were the institution's drug counselors.  Another in The Economist observed that "billboards in some American towns do not advertise fast-food chains or home insurance.  Instead, they tell people what to do in case of a drug overdose."  But the catalytic event may have been the lawsuit filed by the Republican attorney general of the State of Ohio against several drug companies, accusing them of misleading marketing campaigns.  Read the full blog here. Editor's note: the opioid crisis was a major focus of this week's American Health Policy Institute Governors' Meeting, which we will report on next week.