BEERG Brexit Forum Considers Data Issues, Blog Examines Specter of "A Revolution in Labor Relations" Under Labour Party Control

September 29, 2017

The BEERG Brexit Forum established that in the midst of the uncertainty brought on by Brexit, data flows are likely to be disrupted, especially if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, even though the UK will have come under the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation.  Meanwhile, the UK's Labour Party poll numbers are raising the prospect of a regime change in the UK and the attendant changes in labor law.  BEERG's Robbie Gilbert examines this question in a new blog, in which he writes that a victory for Labour "means a revolution in labor relations arrangements in the UK.  It would give a formal role and status to trade unions beyond anything they have previously known."  Read the full BEERG Labor Law Under Labour blog.  Read the full BEERG Global Labor Newsletter.