Accenture CHRO Ellyn Shook Advocates Use of Apprenticeships to "Elevate, not Eliminate People" Amid Disruption

September 29, 2017

Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Chief Human Resources Officer at Accenture, draws from her company's experience in exploring how to productively navigate digital age disruption with apprenticeships, noting, "Responsible leaders and winning organizations are those who strike the right balance—using the best of technology to elevate, not eliminate people."  Under Ms. Shook's leadership, Accenture has developed innovative new programs and strategies to make the most of technological advances while continuing to maintain a competitive workforce.  The most important action companies can take, Ms. Shook notes, is to accelerate retraining their people.  "Today's leaders must act now to avoid leaving their people, and most important source of competitive advantage, behind."  Read the full blog here.