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  • Canada Tests 'Basic Income' Effect on Poverty Amid Lost Jobs
    "Ontario intends to provide a basic income to 4,000 people in three different communities as part of an experiment to evaluate whether providing more money to people on public assistance or low incomes will make a significant difference in their lives."
    The New York Times
  • Forget Robots: Bad Public Policies Could Be Bigger Job Killers
    "If governments and businesses choose wisely, global job displacement could affect as few as 3% of workers, but that depends on how quickly companies adopt automation tools, reconcile regulatory issues, and adjust wage rates for workers, among other factors."
    The Wall Street Journal
  • When Teaching Jobless Workers New Skills Is No Panacea
    "Many of those made redundant cling, however, to the hope that they will be able acquire new skills. One of the most powerful moments in Amy Goldstein’s book Janesville describes when that hope itself starts to evaporate, three years after the 2008 closure of a General Motors factory in the Wisconsin town has forced 9,000 people in the area out of work."
    Financial Times
  • Digital Transformation Will Be Dramatic and Painful
    "The only thing that is certain is that people will need to take more responsibility for their income through the creation of small and micro-businesses where they are in control. Employers can play a huge role by providing start-up training and mentoring through the early phases of business creation for employees they are replacing with technology."
    Financial Times
  • Welcoming Our New Robot Overlords
    "A decade ago, industrial robots assisted workers in their tasks. Now workers—those who remain—assist the robots in theirs."
    The New Yorker
  • Humans Can Survive Robots
    "My problem with the current fearmongering about robots and artificial intelligence is that it embodies a lack of faith in the ability of people (and capitalism) to adapt, not to mention we lack even a modicum of real analysis of how the AI movie is realistically going to play forward."
    U.S. News and World Report
  • What Silicon Valley Gets Wrong About Universal Basic Income
    "Free money given out to displaced workers may serendipitously help a few find work, but more likely, they will just move on to a new job that will also be eliminated soon….Instead of just redistributing cash and hoping for the best, we must work together to find a comprehensive solution, including establishing new professions, values and social norms. And we need to retrain and adapt so that everyone can find a suitable profession."
    The Washington Post
  • Biden Institute Blog: Let's Choose a Future That Puts Work First
    "One idea that has gained prominence, particularly among leaders in Silicon Valley, is universal basic income. The theory is that automation will result in so many lost jobs that the only plausible answer is some type of guaranteed government check with no strings attached. I believe there is a better way forward. I believe we can – we must – build a future that puts work first."
    University of Deleware
  • Joe Biden Just Chose a Side in the Universal Basic Income Debate
    "While I appreciate concerns from Silicon Valley executives about what their innovations may do to American incomes, I believe they’re selling American workers short."
  • Biden Rejects Universal Basic Income Idea Popular in Silicon Valley
    ""Our children and grandchildren deserve the promise we've had: the skills to get ahead, the chance to earn a paycheck, and a steady job that rewards hard work," Biden wrote in a blog post for the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware."
    The Hill
  • Joe Biden: Universal Basic Income Sells American Workers Short
    "Former Vice President Joe Biden took a swipe Monday at an increasingly trendy but controversial idea that calls for the government to provide citizens with a base level of income."
  • 09/08/17
  • Why Finland's Basic Income Experiment Isn’t Working
    "The Finnish trial was poorly designed, and is little more than a publicity stunt."
    The New York Times
  • Finland Tests a New Form of Welfare
    "Mr Jarvinen’s luck turned in January, when he was picked at random from Finland’s unemployed (10% of the workforce) to take part in a two-year pilot study to see how getting a basic income, rather than jobless benefits, might affect incentives in the labour market."
    The Economist
  • Basic Income as a Policy Option: Can It Add Up?
    "Recent debates of basic income proposals shine a useful spotlight on the challenges that traditional forms of income support are increasingly facing, and highlight gaps in social provisions that largely depend on income or employment status."