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  • Self-Driving Trucks May Be Closer Than They Appear
    "[T]he basic idea — having trucks drive themselves on highways and letting human drivers take over in complicated city environments — is something of an industry consensus. 'One of the big misconceptions about self-driving technology is that it is going to emerge and be able to drive all the time in all circumstances,' said Alden Woodrow, the product manager for Uber's self-driving truck unit."
    The New York Times
  • Self-Driving Shuttle's First Day Ends With an Accident
    "The truck's driver was determined to be at fault, according to the city of Las Vegas,and was cited by local police."
  • 6 Key Findings on How Americans See the Rise of Automation
    "Although Americans tend to have a positive view of technology overall, this survey finds that the continuing march of new technologies is causing them concern."
    Pew Research Center
  • 09/28/17
  • Senators Drop Trucks From Self-Driving Bill
    "The action came after a high-profile campaign from labor unions to protect the jobs of professional drivers."
    The Detroit News
  • Senators Reach Deal On Self-Driving Car Bill
    "Two key senators announced late Wednesday that they have reached a bipartisan agreement that removes some regulations making it harder to get self-driving cars on roads."
    The Hill
  • SELF DRIVE Act of 2017
    "The purpose of this Act is to memorialize the Federal role in ensuring the safety of highly automated vehicles as it relates to design, construction, and performance, by encouraging the testing and deployment of such vehicles."
  • Self-Driving Trucks Could Hurt Drivers, Teamsters Tell U.S. Senators
    "A U.S. Senate committee is considering whether legislation dealing with the future of self-driving cars should also pave the way to self-driving trucks, considering the impact such technology could have on millions of workers."
    USA Today
  • Senators Weigh the 'Space Race' of Trucking
    "Safety and industry experts on Wednesday urged Senate lawmakers to push ahead with placing autonomous-trucking technology on America's roadways, saying the vehicles could be a "game-changer" for highway fatalities and warning of the economic risks the U.S. would face should it fall behind in trucking's very own "space race.""
    U.S. News & World Report
  • Thune, Peters Divide Over Big Trucks in Driverless Vehicle Bill
    "Members of a key Senate committee are divided over whether to include large trucks in legislation that would guide driverless-vehicle regulation in a disagreement that pits safety against jobs in the trucking industry."
    Roll Call
  • Senate Will Consider Legislation for Self-Driving Trucks
    "According to a Senate press release, "Transportation Innovation: Automated Trucks and our Nation's Highways ... will examine the benefits of automated truck safety technology as well as the potential impacts on jobs and the economy. Including or excluding trucks, buses, and other heavy duty vehicles has been a topic of discussion in ongoing bipartisan efforts to draft self-driving vehicle legislation.""