Retiree Health Access®

Since 2004, HR Policy Association has worked to address the retiree health care benefit needs of large employers. The Retiree Health Access® Coalition (RHA®) is led by Larry E. Steward, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, DTE Energy. With the input and support of our Coalition, we built Retiree Health Access(RHA). RHA is a private retiree exchange that has been available to Association members since 2006 and provides sustainable, flexible and valuable retiree solutions to support employers retiree health care strategies and commitments.

The RHA Difference

The RHA Program offers several unique advantages not available through other retiree exchange models including:

  • An integrated platform offering guaranteed issue comprehensive coverage for all retirees
  • Both Individual and Group pre and post 65 plans
  • Multi-carrier and single carrier
  • Self-insured or fully-insured plans
  • No minimum employer contributions or enrollment requirements
  • Consultative approach and unbiased financial analysis to help the employer decide on plan options, and defined contribution or subsidy funding alternatives
  • Flexible Health Reimbursement Account integration
  • Comprehensive administrative services, marketing and communications
  • Data to guide retiree decisions and shopping experience
  • Lifetime retiree support
  • Innovations through data and technology
  • Dedicated call center with licensed professionals
  • Market leading performance guarantees
  • Founded on employer driven design and development with ongoing support, governance and advocacy through the HR Policy Association and Retiree Coalition

The group-based solutions are ERISA plans offering a unique underwriting pooling of multiple employers' claims experience enabling relatively stable premiums. Over the past 3 years annual premium increases for the group risk pool have averaged just 0.8% per year. All group coverage options, both pre and post 65 are exclusively underwritten by Aetna through an agreement with the Health Care Policy Roundtable.

The individual plan options are from an array of competing carriers offering individual post-65 policies based on the retiree's geographic location. Retirees can shop and compare the individual marketplace and choose a plan that best meets their needs through the support of a highly skiled team of over 400 licensed agents in 3 U. S. based customer care centers. Enrollments can be supported both on-line or through the dedicated retiree call center.

Unique Technology for Personalized Service:

Retirees will find an outstanding consumer experience, as well as tools and information that bring much-needed transparency, so they can make informed choices about health care and health and related benefits. Retirees and their caregivers have access to a customized web portal where they can learn about and become more familiar with their benefit options. The RHA web portal will feature a number of innovative tools and programs to assure that all retirees and their family members have ongoing support to navigate the health care system regardless of which carrier or coverage option they choose. These include:

  • The iTriage application can help members understand their symptoms, find medical care and even make appointments from the convenience of a smartphone;
  • Cost Estimator Tool to help members learn the cost of a service at a particular doctor or facility before receiving care - an innovation that is taking health care costs out of the "black box."
  • Involvecare will help members keep their family and close friends involved in their healthy and busy lifestyle through a private family care network.

Our plan comparison technology allows us to pre-load individual prescription drug information. The call center advocates and retirees can simultaneously see the top quality, lowest cost options available to retirees in the retiree's zip code. They can also identify total medical costs, projections for hitting the donut hole and monthly costs, depending on changes in health status.

We understand the importance of providing sustainable, flexible and valuable retiree solutions for employers and will continue to provide meaningful enhancements based on the ongoing feedback from employers. If you would like additional information, please contact the Health Care Policy Roundtable at (202) 408-9740, or by email at